Hosting the perfect autumnal client evenings at your salon

03 Oct 2017

Written by Alice Smithson

There are a vast number of benefits to hosting client evening and as the weather begins to turn colder and the evenings become darker, it is the perfect time to do so.

By hosting a client salon evening you will have the opportunity to work with local businesses’ nearby whether you work with a local bakery to provide some cupcakes or the local florist to provide some flowers for your salon on the evening – it will be a great chance to work with your local community. You will have the chance to meet potential new clients as they pop along to the event through word of mouth or from seeing your salons social media activity regarding the evening. Furthermore, you will build on your relationship with your existing clients as you get to know them a bit better. Your retail sales are also likely to increase as clients feel they are getting some pampering for free they are usually more likely to spend money.

Now that you are convinced to hold a client evening in your salon, it is a good idea to consider the ‘hook’ for your event. It can work well to have a number of mini stations in the salon, for examples one showcasing how to achieve the perfect waves, another on how to blowdry your hair properly etc. this could be your ‘Midweek Masterclass’ or something quirky to generate interest.

iSalon can help make sure you have the right guests there as your salon software will easily select the clients that tend to spend the most when they visit your salon. This is a great way of deciding who is best to invite, whilst you can also extend the invite to your most loyal clients, this is a great way to boost the likelihood of retail sales throughout the evening. After the evening you can send a text to each of your clients that came along to thank them and encourage them to take advantage of your fantastic offers.

Hosting a number of these evenings throughout autumn/winter is a great way to make sure all of your clients have the opportunity to come along, they will feel pampered and if you encourage them to bring a friend along you will meet potential new clients – make sure you receive their email addresses and you can contact them with an offer for their first visit.