Client retention and client loyalty

03 Nov 2017

Written by Alice Smithson

Client retention and client loyalty is something which is very important across a number of industries across the world, and more so within the hair and beauty sector, and lately statistics show that salons and spas are raising the benchmark when it comes to their client loyalty schemes, to ensure clients are looked after and are given something extra special in return for their consistent support.

In order to really secure loyalty and secure the support of the clients there are ways in which you can spread the news of your schemes that are in place. Here is our top 3 ways to promote client loyalty and connect with a wider audience.

  1. Communicate to your clients

What better way to let them know about your loyalty schemes than to tell them, simple yet effective! When they are in the salon, explain how it works and the incentive which they would receive, providing everything they need to know.

For those clients who haven’t visited the salon recently, why not send them an e-shot, to explain the new loyalty scheme and give them all the information they need in order to entice them back

  1. Make your wider audience socially aware

Client loyalty schemes are great for securing returning clients however by communicating your schemes further afield, you can infact have a greater impact on the business by reaching out to clients who maybe looking to find a new salon or spa. By updating your website with new information and also by promoting via social media platforms, you can connect with a much wider audience.

  1. New client referrals

Many businesses reward new clients and sometimes forget about those who have given on- going support throughout the years. A great way to reward new and existing clients is to offer a refer a friend scheme, where the client who refers and the new client both receive an incentive for visiting the salon – a win-win situation!