Byron Hairdressing

20 Dec 2017

Written by Alice Smithson

At Byron Hairdressing we are always willing to embrace change. Once you learn the basics it’s a constant building process on skills and techniques that will keep you in line with current trends, keep clients interested, happy and create new client relationships along the way.  That’s what makes this industry so exciting to work in.

With that level of change, whether it is in the techniques we use, the services we offer or the products we recommend, it’s vital to keep control of the facts and figures. A salon software system that offers an easy to use appointment system, an adaptable stock control, a secure client data base and a variety of reports from marketing to dead stock can help you keep up to date with your business needs.

We have used iSalon for over 15 years and couldn’t imagine a working day without it. Our clients can book their appointments online or at reception and with a “next appointment?” prompt at the end of the billing process we have an average 80% re-book level. The software system adapted to the dominance of mobile phone use with an easy to use text alert service which has seen our no-show figure drop to less than 1% in the month. Clients love that extra level of service and it helps add to our luxury customer care ethos.

What about the teams’ perception of the software? We know that the reports are only as good as the information fed into them so our reception team has become much more aware of how accurate our input has to be. Our stylist team are aiming for success and our weekly reports can show them how well they have performed and areas they need to improve on. The Byron team have four weekly meetings to look at what progress they are making in everything from retail income to how many clients have rebooked. It allows us to target weaker areas and applaud strong results. The team are always pushing to reach targets and aim for a great review meeting so regular graphs keep them up to date and motivated. Pinned up in the team room, they are always a talking point each week.

Our clients look to us for recommendations and the latest trends, multi use products, ghd crimping irons, take home luxury hair care from Kérastase, therefore it’s important to keep up to date with salon stock. The stock control feature gives us the opportunity to see what is trending with our clients, what needs to be revisited and what can be promoted. Stock levels are kept accurate and allow easy re order, stock check and retail reports are created at the click of a mouse to allow us to effectively run a successful retail section of the salon. Our reception team can do a stock check and re-order with speed and efficiency keeping our clients retail requirements supported. With the advanced marketing mode we can look at what clients like a particular product and can use this to invite and inform them of the latest’s launches. We can also target clients who have never tried a particular product with sample sets on their next salon visits. iSalon allows us to look at so many different approaches it’s become an essential part of our salons growth.

Ronnie Marshall, Byron Hairdressing