Job Satisfaction

25 Jan 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

Within the UK, the hair and beauty industries are classed as one of the happiest, with reports showing that 87% of the employees within the industries describing themselves as either happy or extremely happy whilst at work!

In such a creative and fast forward industry, it’s easy to understand why those who work in the industry are so happy. The constant, ever changing trends and techniques, latest products and tools and celebrity influences are just a few of the different areas which keep staff interested and motivated and of course, excited about their job roles.

When asked, many stylists/therapists explain that ‘no two days are ever the same’, and that ‘making clients feel good’ is the thing that keeps them happiest at work. Alongside this many also commented that the flexible working hours, being creative and expressing their own personal individuality was something that they enjoyed and that kept them feeling good within themselves.

It is important to remember that employee loyalty is something that is still top of the agenda and it is important that you reward staff for their consistent hard work and commitment to their job. Whether they have reached a target or perhaps portrayed great team work, reward them and make them feel part of the team at all times.