Simon Webster Hair – guest blog by Charlotte Cuoghi

22 Feb 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

The Front Of House team for Simon Webster Hair, Brighton, and have used iSalon since opening in 2012. Being the team members who use the software the most, each individual is going to give us an insight into what they love the most about the software, and how this helps in their day to day salon life.


My name is Charlotte and I am the FOH Manager of Simon Webster Hair. Having worked with iSalon for over 3 years now, I have discovered a few things about it which really stands out against other salon software that I have used previously.

One of these features is the simple yet effective use of ‘Reports’. A report I often use is the Individual Performance Analysis. This is an amazing way for me to check over our stylists’ performance figures and keep them updated on where they are succeeding and where they have room to improve. It also helps them recognise patterns, to predict quieter times and plan for them. The beauty of iSalon is that it provides all the information you need to track all aspects of performance between your chosen dates, from retail sales to client numbers and re-bookings, providing an extensive overview of the individual’s takings. We use these figures as the basis for our monthly 1:1 feedback sessions and set personal targets.

Another element we introduced last year is the online booking system. This feature is one of the best features of iSalon! It allows our clients to have the freedom to book in with us when they perhaps cannot get to the phone and has subsequently improved our client numbers. The online system allows the client to see their stylist and provides them with their availability to choose the most appropriate appointment. Once selected, a deposit of 50% is taken to secure the booking. This has noticeably reduced cancellations and no-shows, something which unfortunately seems to be a growing problem in the salon industry!

iSalon also provides a very simple way to set up service discounts which can be added at the point of sale. This has allowed us to create a loyalty 10% discount for rebooking, as well as other discounts such as ‘Recommend-A-Friend’ or local traders offers and really proves itself successful for client retention and attracting new clients!