The severity of extreme weather on businesses

02 Mar 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

This week, salons, spas and barbershops across the UK have been on red alert for the first time in history, with extreme weather coming in from the East, and some areas expecting 15inches of snow amongst storms, wind and ice.

With the red alert in place, and drivers urged not to travel due to a risk of life, the impact this is having on British businesses is huge, with an estimated £15millions being lost over the three day period of closures.

Here we look at the ways to ensure your business, staff and clients are safe during periods of extreme weather;

  • Listen to travel advice. The authorities are the ones in the know and offering advice which can prevent accidents and ensuring your safety.
  • Communicate as much as possible. Ensure you call clients where possible, text any closure information and use social media to get your news out there. Keep them in the know as much as possible.
  • Monitor hour by hour. Conditions can worsen at any time, but we recommend you evaluate the situation hour by hour and make an executive decision regarding the status of the salon/spa/barbershop.
  • Keep heating on at a low setting, even if the shop is closed. If you are experiencing severe freezing conditions, authorities recommend keeping heating on a low setting to prevent pipes from freezing and the breakdown of boilers.