Why Hermionie likes iSalon

22 Mar 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

The Front Of House team for Simon Webster Hair, Brighton, have used iSalon since opening in 2012. Being the team members who use the software the most, each individual will be sharing with you a few key features that they love about it and why iSalon is their go to software.


My name is Hermione and, having been here the longest in our FOH team and after using iSalon for over 4 years now, there are a few certain features that stand out to me. Working with many different individuals and being in such a diverse place like Brighton, we’ve always needed a way to record information on a client’s hair type, special requirements and their service notes to keep us updated and informed at any time.

The notes/admin section is perfect for us because each individual client has their own file where we can write alerts such as any extra time needed for a typical appointment to help us keep to schedule on the day or personal preferences for products. Some notes are particularly important for health and safety, so we use the alert notes for this; a reaction that may have occurred after a skin-test, when the latest skin-tests were carried out and a comprehensive colour history. We can then reference all notes when booking clients over the phone, by email or in-salon, quickly and simply.

Checking history is so important to us as this tells us when the client last visited – it actually gives you an exact count in weeks and days. You can also see what service a client has had previously and what the usual spend is. This gives us a good idea of who we have coming in regularly and what for. Like all successful businesses, it is key to know our clientele so that we can maintain a higher retention rate as well as look for ways to introduce different services to attract new clients! And the final perfect addition is the rebooking reminder sent out by the automated messaging system. If a client has opted in to receiving text updates, we send them a 12-week reminder with a friendly note to say we hope to see them again soon! It’s one of the features our clients have said is a great help and means you don’t have to spam with generic campaigns and fill your customers inboxes with irrelevant information.