Why I like iSalon

22 Mar 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

The Front Of House team for Simon Webster Hair, Brighton, have used iSalon since opening in 2012. Being the team members who use the software the most, each individual will be sharing with you a few key features that they love about it and why iSalon is their go to software.


I’m Tony, the newest SWH Front-of-House member. When I first started working at Simon Webster Hair, it had been many years since I had last been required to use a till, let alone cash-up.

The responsibility of completing an effective and accurate cash-up was a daunting prospect for me, but the iSalon system made it so easy. Essentially, all you have to do at the end of the day is click ‘cash up’ and then follow the next couple of steps as displayed on-screen, take a moment to count your cash takings and check that this and the card machine’s final amount match, before clicking to confirm. iSalon then automatically backs everything up to a hard drive and you’re done; the simplest system I have used by far!