18 Apr 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

Working within a customer facing industry such as hairdressing and beauty really puts pressure on salons and spas, in order to provide clients with the most incredible customer service in order to gain client loyalty and recommendation.

With social networking becoming a forum for all things hot and not, it is extremely important that businesses go the extra mile in order to provide their clients with excellent service, and receive the recognition they deserve, with a maximum outreach.

Here we look at the top 5 ways in order to make your customer service as memorable as possible;

Greet the client by name and with a smile.

Clients love nothing more than being greeted by a friendly member of staff and by their own name. It’s a personalised welcome and is simple yet effective. Greeting them like this each time they arrive at the salon/spa will allow them to know what to expect!

Communicate at all stages

Communication is the key to success in every industry, and hair and beauty is no different. Discuss with the client what they would like to achieve, and chat them through a plan to help them reach their end goal. Constantly communicate with them to put their mind at ease throughout their appointment.

Share your knowledge

Clients come to you because you are an expert in your field, so don’t be afraid to share this with them. Discuss the latest trends and techniques, and also share your recommendations of products that you feel would suit them.

Use positive language

The simplest way to improve any customer experience – be happy and positive! Clients love nothing more than visiting a salon or spa which is a lovely relaxing atmosphere and also very happy!

Remember the little things

This is something that when asked, most clients recognised about their salon, spa which they visit regularly. Their favourite drink, magazine or styling station should always be remembered, as they will see just how important you mean to them. Also, if they have previously mentioned something special happening in their life, remember it, and discuss when they next visit!