10 May 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

Here at iSalon, we are always fast moving with technology, and now that everything has progressed onto the world wide web, our online booking was an essential feature implemented to allow your clients the chance to book their appointment anytime and anywhere. It acts as a 24/7 receptionist, meaning clients can book at their own convenience, again providing them with another advanced solution. Here we take a look the top tips for making the most of your online bookings and how this can boost salon revenue.

Make your clients aware!

The first and most important tip – make sure everyone knows! Promote this via your website, in the salon and also via all your social media platforms to make sure clients and followers are aware that they can book online – you would be surprised how many don’t know. In turn, this opens up the facility to a whole wealth of potential clients – a win win situation.

Be open and concise about your staff availability

Make sure that when setting up your online bookings, that staff availability is correct at all times, as the last thing you want is a client booking a stylist who is unavailable. Make sure the information you have provided is 100% accurate and that any breaks/meetings etc are blocked off. Also if you have any changes to opening and closing times, make sure these are clearly marked for clients to see.

Be open and honest about your pricing

One thing we have found through market research, is clients prefer to know the price before they book – which is completely understandable. So we recommend being open about your pricing, as a client is more likely to book an appointment if the price is made available. if your pricing is not available, they are more likely to leave your site and opt for somewhere who has this information available.

Sending confirmations and reminders

This feature is fast become one of our most favoured features with our clients, as many have noticed a complete drop in no shows and cancellations. By simply sending our a reminder text 48hours before the client appointment alerts them and eliminates any no shows, but also means they are likely to rebook if they are now unable to make the original appointment.

Make it clear on your website

Have a designated tab for your online booking facility so that this is clearly marked to clients, and is easy for them to navigate. We suggest having a tab on your main home page to allow them to easily access the feature.