Benefits of an organic hair salon

27 Jun 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

Leicester based salon Bei Capelli, are known for their creative skills and passion for hairdressing, creating beautiful, long lasting styles to suit each and every clients needs, helping them achieve their ultimate hair goals.

However, the salon is also known for a much more important cause, they are fully organic, meaning everything they use is 100% environmentally friendly – a hot topic in today’s press and something the salon and owner Emma Goodman is known for. Being a natural based salon is not only an advantage to the environment, but also to the clients who visit, especially those who require the use of organic products due to personal circumstances.

One of those clients is Allyson, who recently discovered she had cancer. Here she discusses her journey with hair colour throughout her treatment and how the salon helped her through this time.

‘Believe it or not I first heard about the salon when I asked a passer by who coloured her hair. It was a beautiful shade and I was completely I awe. On booking my appointment, I was chatting with the owner, Emma, who explained that the salon is fully organic and the advantages of this. As a cancer patient, I was diagnosed 5 year previously and my consultant advised me to stop colouring my hair as the toxins where not safe. So when chatting with Emma, this fact put my mind at rest completely, it allowed me still to express myself through my hair but without the risks. Having a salon like this is so vital in so many ways.’ Allyson, Client

The testimonial from the client of Bei Capelli, is juts one of the ways the salon has impacted on their local area and has proven to be a complete success based on this fact. Becoming a fully organic salon is something not salons are within the UK an this itself is a fantastic achievement for Emma and her team.