02 Jul 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

18 years of Innovative Hairdressing

26 Nominations

Winners of Midlands Hairdresser of the Year

And now …

Winners of Ultimate Salon of the Year 2018

iSalon has aided our customer care through personalised text reminders, integrated marketing and the use of customer record notes enabling us to give a bespoke service to everyone who walks through the door. Special offers that are exclusive to our salon are easily implemented at the touch of a button and the success of these discounts can be monitored through iSalon’s vast array of reports.

iSalon is crucial to the functioning of our Front of House which has been nominated many times for a British Hairdressing Business Awards. It allows us to maintain the personal touch that, as a small business, was easy to do but as a larger business is almost impossible without the support of iSalon.

Feedback to our team on their success is simple with iSalon’s reporting, allowing stylists to be congratulated on their efforts and to also view the areas in which they can work on, such as sales or re-bookings, to progress further in their career.

As technology gets quicker, clients expect more instant interaction. Aesthetics can now be on hand to our clients 24/7 with iSalon’s online booking system. Clients can either search for appointments on our app or website and book at the touch of a button. This is also particularly useful for when our phone lines are busy, not just after hours, and clients can book same day appointments, allowing us to fill any last minute cancellation slots.

We have recently introduced deposits on busier days and our integrated payment system allows us to seamlessly process deposit payments either over the phone with card payments or in-salon. When the client comes in, it’s easy to see they’re already pre-paid some of their bill and iSalon’s client account balances allow the reception team to easily deduct the deposit without the need of quick, mental maths.

As our business progression has demanded evermore technology-based answers, so iSalon has quickly responded. With over 450 clients walking through our doors every week, we have to run a tight ship and iSalon certainly allows for a smooth delivery of exceptional customer service.