13 Jul 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

It’s very evident within the UK business industry, that prices are consistently increasing across every industry. With many still recovering from the recession and the Brexit scenario, the cost of living has significantly increased, with businesses having no choice but to raise their prices wherever possible, and within the hair and beauty industries, we are no different.

Seen to most as a luxury, rather than need, hair and beauty treatments are often capped at an overall average price, with slight prices hikes every few years, however when increasing prices, many salons and spas find they lose clients or that clients are opting for the online discount deals provided by online discount sites. Here we look at ways to kee your clients loyal, whilst increasing prices in accordance with the every evolving economic situation.

  1. Be Honest With Your Clients

Be up front and honest with your clients. Everyone is aware that the cost of living is increasing so explain that your prices are rising. Clearly show your new prices and have these available on your social media and websites to all parties are aware.

  1. Time it Right

Timing is key to a successful increase without losing clients, and should be analyzed before doing so. Increases at times such as Christmas and January and June/July should be avoided, as many clients have extra outgoings and with an increase may decide to cancel their appointment to spend this extra on something else around this period.

  1. Always provide a lower priced option

A price increase can always put a client off, however providing them with a lower priced option is always necessary. This could be with a staff member of a lower level or perhaps by using a voucher or discount, go out of your way to help them handle the increase.

  1. Provide packages

A fantastic way to increase prices is to create unique packages, providing the client with several services under one price band. This itself can be a great way to increase client spend whilst also promoting the deal.

  1. Plan Ahead!

No one likes it when something is sprung upon them, so ensure that any price increases are communicated not only with staff but with clients in advance making them fully aware of the new charges. by doing so and being so open, it prevents the dreaded backlash of those who perhaps would not adjust well to this.