Summer Salon Business Collaborations

03 Aug 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

With Summer now in full swing here in the UK, it’s time to play on this marketing period and think outside the box when it comes to promotions and plans, in order to boost profits and perhaps reach out to a new clientele. Working with local businesses in your surrounding area is a fantastis way to not only secure great business relationships, but to also open up your services to those who may not be aware of you or what you offer.


Here is our top tips for collaborating with local businesses and how the two way partnership can boost your business

  1. Summer Styling Event

A great way to boost business and extend the invite out to potential clients. At the event work alongside other businesses and invite them along to take part. If styling hair, why not invite along a local florist who can use fresh flowers for accessories, or perhaps a local jewellery store who can showcase what earring look best with what look. Another idea is to invite along an independent wine retailer or caterer to provide canapés and refreshments. Having other local businesses allows them to invite their clients and promote their business whilst you do the same – it’s the perfect partnership.

  1. Use local businesses products in the salon

Whether it be a caterer or perhaps a florist as mentioned above, support your local neighbours and they will support you. Throughout the Summer months, you could offer smoothies as a refreshment from a local café, and also have fresh floral displays – something which catches the eyes of clients. In turn, those businesses could promote your salon with leaflets or by word of mouth.

  1. Partner with a local spa

If you have a local spa within your area, why not work together and offer a discount when booking appointments at both. Perhaps create a unique package a facial and a blowdry and receive so much off the total cost. This has proved to be a fantastic way to boost business as clients love nothing more than a relaxed, pampering session.