23 Aug 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

Social media has in recent years, become a way of life. Wherever you are in the world and everywhere you look, 85% of people around you have their smartphone either in their hand, earphones in or are on some form of social media.

For businesses especially in the hair and beauty industry, Instagram has fast become the most appropriate platform for them to showcase their skills, techniques and services to clients and potential clients, alongside industry peers and those from the global industries.

But, how exactly do you market you business in a way that will attract the right following and also promote your business in the correct manner? Here is our top 5 tips to the perfect instagram business profile:

Have an easy to remember instagram handle

A simple yet very important tip! Ensure your handle is as close to your business name as possible, although we do understand that many names are taken, so try your hardest to get as close as possible. This makes it much easier for clients to find you when searching and creates a link between your feed and you as a salon.

Be public

Having an open, public instagram profile encourages more of a following than a private instagram. As a business, you are open to the public so your platforms should be too. Many people tend to look at profiles before hitting the follow button, so this is a must.

A short & simple bio

Clients quickly browse and don’t tend to have time to read a huge amount of information, so ensure that your small biography at the top of your instagram profile is short and simple yet informative. Details such as the name, address and website link is sufficient.

Use the tabs provided

As a business profile you have the option to embrace the contact tabs, which features email, phone and directions. This is such a simple yet effective way to give out information, and users click the button and are able to email, call or receive directions to the salon.

Have a consistent theme

Your feed should represent you as a brand but also have a consistent theme so clients are aware of your persona and what you offer. Perhaps have a theme of colours where by you would upload 6 images which all incorporate a specific colour, then do the same for the next 6 and then the next 6. Or perhaps you would rather use a white border round your images, whatever is your chosen preference ensure this is consistent the entire way through.