10 Sep 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

Yes it’s September … and yes we have mentioned the ‘C’ word – but truthfully, are you ready for Christmas? As the busiest time of year for hair and beauty salons, it is essential that you are ready to cope with the huge influx of clients who want to ensure their appointments are booked in advance and secured getting them part ready for the festive season.

In a recent survey, salons confirmed that 62% of clients booked their Christmas hair and beauty appointments 3-4 months in advance, which shows us that demand is high and it is essential that plans are in place to ensure a smooth running festive season.


Here is out top 5 tips on how to ensure a smooth running festive season;

Speak with your team – discuss Christmas!

Sit with your team and discuss Christmas, it might be early but they will thank you later! Ensure everyone is satisfied with their working hours, routines and shifts, and that any holidays are communicated to ensure that all appointments are secure and do not require any changes.

Plan any offers ahead of time

It might sound extremely early, but if you plan to have any offers within the festive period, communicate them early. It’s came as no surprise that many clients opt in to buying Christmas gifts early, so why not pull together your gift packages vouchers ready for communication pre- Christmas. This will put the idea of Christmas into the heads of clients and urge them to start shopping early!

The same goes for any in salon offers, plan them ahead of time and communicate to the clients. Perhaps you are pulling together a party package – communicate this to them as it may encourage them to book an additional service!

Speak with your products reps

Just like you, the product companies are also planning ahead and will want your Christmas orders in asap to ensure they can meet with your demands and that of the clients. Discuss their retail gifts and work together to ensure your needs are satisfied.

Pre plan your in salon events

We hear of salons holding events around November, showcasing party trends and looks for the festive season, and if you are one of those salons get your date and details confirmed asap! Party diaries are filling up fast so get the date secured and communicated to your clients and local community

Don’t forget the most important aspect – the decorations!

Yes, plan your eye catching displays now to ensure you make a bold statement and attract the attention of those passing the salon – it really works!