Jamie Mettyear – Mettyear’s

04 Oct 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

Being a business owner of a Day Spa & Salon is challenging enough with everything that happens behind the scenes and day to day. Thankfully with the help of iSalon Software my daily role of running my business comes at great ease. I can pull reports and calculate my financial figures instantly and remotely which can save me so many crucial hours and help me spend more quality time with the clients as well as with my salon team. This for me is extremely important, as both are the most important factor to any successful business.

The software is not just a huge benefit for me but also to my clients. With text message reminders and the capability of being able to book appointments 24/7 is really fantastic. The text message reminders mean clients never forget their appointments and dramatically reduces the percentage of “no shows” while the online booking system can also run after hours when no one is able to answer the phone calls. It almost acts like a 24hour receptionist – it is incredible.

iSalon Software is a must have for any beauty or salon business owner, it is fantastic.

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