Facebook – the low down on your business page

08 Oct 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

Social media as we all know has fast become a must have for any business across any industry. Facebook especially still has the highest number of users, with a total of 79% of the UK population over the age of 18 having an active profile on the platform. With 62% using this at least once per day.

These statistics show that having an active business page on the social media platform is a must, to ensure your market reach is maximized as much as possible and that you are connecting with those within your local area, loyal clients and potential. However, do you know how to really maximise our outreach on the platform? here we give you the rundown on how to use your business profile as much as possible;

Facebook Adverts

No, not a boosted post, and advert. A facebook advert is a promotion that will direct users to your page and encourage them to like. This promotional tool can be tailored by age, location and interests therefore making it completely unique to you and your business. These statistics will then allow you a budget per day to spend. Once the promotion is live you should see an influx of likes and users – however, remember this will not show on your page, only potential users pages. You will however be able to access the insights at any given times.

Boosted posts

A favourite of many businesses who perhaps would like to push a specific post. These tend to be more beneficial for those who have salon offers ongoing whether it be retail or services, or perhaps last minute appointments that they wish to fill. Again these can be tailored based on your page.

Facebook Promotion

This is an ongoing promotion, and is mostly used to target users to click through to a website or online shop. This can be set up on the basis of so many clicks per day.

Boost Your event

This feature has become a savior for those looking to increase attendees for the event and encourages awareness and of course potential guests. This is a great feature as again it maximizes awareness of not only your brand of course the event itself.

Get More Messages!

Last but not least get more messages, which has been used to full effect by the fantastic Victoria Beckham and her team. A soon as the user hits the facebook page the messenger window automatically pops up and right away engages with the user directly. This promotes instant engagement and is a great way to interact.