11 Oct 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

Social media as we know it has revolutionized the world over the past few years, but more sore in the past 18months, as Instagram gas become one of the most popular platforms in the hair and beauty industry.


Popular with both industry professionals and clients, the platform is continually adding to their tools, and this time have unveiled Instagram TV, also known as IGTV. But – what is Instagram TV all about? Here we give you the ins and outs of the latest addition and the best way for you to use this to market your salon/spa!


What is IGTV?

A whole new world of Instagram. This stand alone app allows you to post longer, live , vertical videos on your channel, without them disappearing like Instagram stories! It’s built into your profile so followers can watch from your profile!

How does this differ from Instagram Stories?

With IG TV, this never disappears and you can have stories up to one hour in length unlike Instagram stories.

Can you edit/filter?

This feature is fantastic, as it allows you to go live or upload a pre recorded video. Going live is all about you and the video, no edits or filters just you and the camera. This has gone down a treat with the hairdressing industry, as it shows things exactly as they are –s tripped down with no extras.

Can I view the insights?

Yes! As soon as the live stream/video has gone live, insights are available to view. This includes the number of views, those who have tuned in and also the audience retention graph.

Who can see the IGTV channel and videos?

For those who have public accounts, anyone on instagram can view your IGTV. However those who are private are only streaming to those who follow them.