Why hairdressing is an amazing career – Salv Mule, Academy Salons

20 Nov 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

Why hairdressing is an amazing career?

As we all know, college or university is not for everyone. Hairdressing has so much to offer, here are just some of the benefits –

  • Skill for life
  • Can make money wherever you may be in the world
  • Great travel opportunity
  • Flexible hours
  • Show work
  • Photo shoots
  • Teaching

The list goes on and on, whilst hairdressing may not be associated with being a well-paid career, there are plenty of opportunities for those that are willing to put in the hardworking hours. After all it’s one of the happiest jobs on the world!

And there are plenty of opportunities to make a name for yourself. Look at the likes of Vidal Sassoon, Trevor Sorbie, Nicky Clarke & Toni&Guy, to mention a few.


How did I get into hairdressing?

I moved from Italy to England when I was 16 years old, so I could train to become a hairdresser. I completed a three year apprenticeship in a small family run salon, working four days within the salon and one day at college. This also meant I was able to work overtime so I could earn some extra money, as apprentice salary tends to be low in the beginning.

The three years flew by and then I finally had my NVQ2 & 3 qualification. I then moved salons as I wanted to experience working for a group! I spent two years working in this new environment, my strengths are cutting and recommending retail. And I still love it!

After two years, I was headhunted to manage a new salon which was opening. I jumped at the opportunity to become a leader and enjoyed setting examples which my team followed. This made me realise that I wanted my own small group of salons. Just five years later, at the age of 28. I opened, together with my business partner, our first Academy Salon. Growing from strength to strength, whilst building an amazing team around us, three years later the second Academy Salon opened.

We now have five salons and an education centre all based in Surrey. I am proud to say we still have most of our amazing team, that we started building nearly 20 years ago. It’s great to see them grow, from teenagers to parents, with flexible working hours to suit them.

All I will say is this, hairdressing has been an absolutely amazing career for me. I still love it if not more than I did nearly 30 years ago. I don’t think of it as work for me it is my passion. As the saying goes. Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life!