iSalon Charity Of The Year

14 Dec 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

Here at iSalon, we are known for our commitment and passion for technology and providing our clients with the most advanced salon software and hardware to make their business as efficient and modern as possible.

However, on a very different note, we are delighted to share with you our chosen charity of the year – The Pituitary Foundation. The organisation is a UK patient support organisation offering expert medical support and information on a range of Pituitary diseases. The foundation operates throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Founded in 1994, and charity registered in 1996, The Pituitary Foundation is there to assist those diagnosed with a disease of the gland, and provides information, support and understanding for those in a time of need. This service is also available to not only patients but their family members, friends, colleagues as well as healthcare professional and the general population. It’s an area which needs great support in order to maximise the information surrounding the medical conditions associated with it.

Over the next 12months, we will be taking part in a series of fundraising missions, so keep an eye out for news which will be coming shortly!

We would appreciated your support in order to raise as much money as possible for such a fantastic cause.

If you’d like to donate please click here