Podcasts – do or don’t?

18 Feb 2019

Written by Alice Smithson

With technology constantly evolving, there are new apps, features and social media platforms forever launching. However for 2019, the rise of the podcast is fast becoming one of the most popular platforms to engage with your followers.

The PodCast was founded in 2018 by PodCast One, and is an episodic series of digital audio which a user can download or listen to via wifi. The audio is often a discussion based on a topic of importance or relevance, and can be listened to around the world.

The PodCast is a fantastic way to engage with your followers/listeners and discuss topics. More often than not a podcast involves 2-4 guests, discussing a specific topic or is part of a series of podcasts.

However, what are the do’s and don’ts of a podcast and how can you make it a success? We examine the details below;


  • Have a formula. Have a definitive way that your podcast will follow, whether it be your intro, topical conversation, then end. Make sure you try and stick to the format as much as you can to create continuity for your listeners/followers.
  • Invest in the hardware/software. You want your podcast to be professional so doing your research ad investing in key pieces of equipment is essential.
  • Be topical for your audience. Don’t have random podcasts, make sure they are all relatable ins some way whether it be an interview or debate.


  • Publish sparadically. Ensure you publish on a regular basis to engage your audience and keep them excitement for the next instalment.
  • Ramble on – make sure you stick to the discussion and of course, stay relevant!