Online Bookings – How To Increase Bookings Via Your Website

22 Feb 2019

Written by Alice Smithson

With internet usage increasing daily, and the majority of consumer purchase now made online, providing clients with an online booking service is essential to increase footfall.

Having an online booking service is great and very efficient, as clients can book their appointments at their own convenience and also offers them the option to select their own preferences rather than reading out a list of available times.

But many of our clients ask – “how can we increase bookings through our website?” Here at iSalon, we are delighted to give you some hints and tips to increasing your online bookings;

Communicate this to your clients

The first and most important way to get the news out there. Whether they are in the salon or you send out a client newsletter/eshot or a text to your client database. Making them aware that they can book online is the first step to increasing online bookings. These communications however can automatically remind them to book an appointment, with the first contact already increasing bookings.

Make online booking easy to find

If a client visits your website, we always recommend having an online booking tab on the home page, that is visible to the eye. Clients like to have everything at their finger tips to ensure this is placed so that it is one of the first things they view when they land on your homepage.

Include your booking link on all promotional materials

This is essential! Whether this be on social media platforms, marketing materials, receipts or on SMS/email promotions, having a click through link will almost certainly encourage clients to click or search on their phone.

Update your salon voicemail

When the salon is closed, a voicemail stating that clients can book online is extremely important. This shows clients you’re making it easier for them and gives them the chance to book at their convenience.