Instagram – How To Boost Your Engagement

04 Apr 2019

Written by Alice Smithson

Instagram, instagram, instagram – the new creative hub for many industries, including hairdressing. But one thing all industries have in common is engagement. How do we increase this? How can we encourage clients to engage more? How do we gain more of a following?

As social media has become a worldwide phenomenon, it’s important to remember that it takes time. Building a loyal following and creating a unique vibe is done through consistency and takes a lot of effort. However whilst building your feed, we have popped together our top tips below, to help you gain engagement along the way.

Switch to a business profile

Yes, something as simple as this can make all the difference. A business profile offers contact tabs such as email, telephone and book now, which encourages click throughs. Clients love nothing more than being able to do something at the click of a button. The business profile also allows you to promote specific posts and also view your unique analytics.

Be consistent

To gain momentum you must post consistently to show you are committed to building your profile. One post a day is the minimum to show you are active and on it! Also using the stories option is another way to interact with your following, as more than 56% of followers now view stories.

Use hashtags and tag other users

Hashtags are a must and is such a simple way to attract new followers. Hashtags are searched by many people, and as a result when searching, your post will appear on the search page. We recommend using on average between 15-25 hashtags; however make sure they are relevant to your post in question.

Tagging other users in your post is also another way to share your profile. Of course, keep this relevant. If it is a piece of work, tag in the media. It’s such a simple way but creates great engagement.


Many people are glued to their phones, so make it your mission to interact when you are on your phone. Comment and like posts and share things on stories you agree with or support. Also remember to like or reply to any comments on your own profile, showing users that you are active.

Tag at peak times

Yes, there are peak times on instagram! Posting between 6.30am – 8.45am, 12.00pm – 2.00pm and from 6.30pm – 9.30pm are key times, as these are the peak times for active users. Posting during these times and with relevant hashtags also increases your chances of appearing on the trending page.