23 May 2019

Written by Alice Smithson

Retail areas and retail as a whole are of great importance to all salons, spas and barbershops, as it’s another way to boost income. However, many clients opt out of purchasing retail products due to many reasons such as the cost, having too much choice or quite simply not being interested. But how can you turn them round and encouraging sales whilst not coming across as over powering?

The set up

It all begins with the retail set up. Your retail area is a space that should be inviting, simple yet eye catching with a view to enticing clients to browse. Dependant on your product provider, you may be provided with retail unit to showcase products. However if you prefer something more original, choose something that will allow a product display and contain the weight or the products whilst also fitting in with the overall feel of your salon. 

Product placement

The old quote ‘eye level is buy level’ always comes to mind, and is believe it or not still very relevant. The levels between the chest and shoulder should feature the products that you are looking to actively sell to clients. Perhaps a new range or gift sets you are looking to promote. However we would suggest rotating stock on a monthly basis, changing the set up slightly to showcase different products that are on offer.

Prices on show

This has often been a point for discussion in many salons, with many opting not to display prices. However a recent survey has shown that 67% of clients are more inclined to purchase a retail product if the price is on display. Having a simple pricing list or small pricing blocks situated next to the product is an easy and informative way to share this information with clients.

Discuss throughout

This is a no brainer! Throughout a client appointment always discuss what products would work for them and explain the reasons why these have been recommended. Let the client look at the products and also a try too. Show them how this can enhance their style/colour.

Front of House – mention!

When a client has finished their appointment and approaches the Front of House desk, this is a chance for the team to again sell in retail products. Inform them of any special offers that are available and present them with the products recommended by their stylist, asking if they wish to purchase.