Should I have an app or a website? Or both?

03 Jun 2019

Written by Alice Smithson

With a high percentage of the UK population using a smartphone daily, the rise of the APP has quickly taken over in the world of technology. These days there are apps for everything from fitness and health to shopping and streaming. However, in the past 12-18 months we’ve seen a rise in apps within the hairdressing, beauty and barbering industries and the question has arised – should a business have an app, a website or both?

The answer? Both.



Establish your online presence

Websites are the first point of call for many clients, they provide a hub of information at the click of a mouse. They firstly allow you, as a business, to establish your presence. Recent statistics have shown that 86% of consumers purchase or book services via a website they deem reliable and trustworthy. Therefore having a website that represents you, your business and your overall persona is essential to creating that relationship with the potential client.

Your website is an advertising platform

Believe it or not, having a website acts as a form of advertising, for next to nothing. It’s not only a way to communicate vital information, but is a way to market your services and offers. By using different and specific pages, images and interactive tools you are engaging and building trust.

It’s efficient!

Yes, having a website is extremely efficient.  Having the software to allow clients to book online saves time for your Front of House Team and the client as they can do this at their own convenience and pace. Also including an FAQ section on the website allows you to give the answers to clients 24/7, therefore saving both you and them time again!

Data capture

A website has long been hailed the best way to capture data from clients or potential clients. Many salons have a pop up which asks the visitor to subscribe to the newsletter and a recent survey has shown that on average 48.2% of these requests are accepted by the client. This for a salon is the perfect way to gain key contact details and increase the salons reach.



Allow you to stand out from your competition

Having an app for your salon, spa or barbershop is a great point of difference and a fantastic way to stand out from your competition. Allowing clients to book through the app anytime, anywhere is something that will not only impress the clients but set you aside from others in your area.

Improve client loyalty

Yes, believe it or not having an app is a way to improving client loyalty. With many loyalty programmes working on a points based system, offering the client XX number of points when they download your app is a great way to boost downloads whilst rewarding them for their loyalty.

Show your clients your innovative

Do you clients look at their smartphones when they visit the salon? Do they interact with apps for social media, news, emails and more? If the answer is yes, having a business app is a must for you. This shows that you are innovative, and providing them with something that suits them and their lifestyle. It’s also a great way to establish a direct engagement channel with them too.