How iSalon works for us – Salv Mule, Academy Salons

28 Jun 2019

Written by Alice Smithson

With over 25 years’ experience in the hair and beauty industry, Salv Mulé is the Director of Academy Salons, a five strong salon group who are based in the South. Having started as an apprentice, Salv has worked tirelessly within his career and is now responsible for the successful management of five busy salons and a team of 70+ staff.

Academy Salons have been a loyal client of iSalon Software for many years, and it is essential for the Management Team to have a software that’s suits the needs of their business, their team and of course their clients. Below, Salv takes us through his journey with iSalon and how he uses this to meet the groups bespoke needs.

‘We have worked with iSalon for many years now and I’m pleased to say we use this to it’s full potential in every one of our salons. When we first implemented the system, and even now, the software has really helped us increase our client retention and rebooking rates, something I am extremely delighted about. We have the system set up to automatically send a text to clients who have not visited the salon in 3 months, and the results from this alone have been fascinating. We also send out birthday texts to clients and ensure client appointment reminders are sent by text 48hours prior to their visit. This has also reduced the amount of cancellations and no shows,’ explains Salv.

‘We are also pleased to offer our clients a loyalty system and this runs through our software with iSalon. Again this has encouraged clients to rebook as they receive loyalty points which then result in money off or a voucher towards a future appointment.’

‘All in all, iSalon has been a fantastic investment for us here at Academy Salons and is something we could not live without. It is incredibly important for the team and also the management when assessing the business overall.’

To find out more on how iSalon Software can help you build and better your business, please call us on 01522 887 200 or complete the enquiry form upon our website.