Retail Areas & Stock Control

26 Jul 2019

Written by Alice Smithson

Retail areas within salons, spas and barbershops have changed a lot throughout the years, with many business owners realising that less is more and not overloading these areas, and in turn, not overwhelming their clients. But why do we have retail areas within salons and how can we ensure profitiability is kept at a high?

As experts in our fields it is our responsibility to provide our clients with the professional products that will allow them to take care of themselves when they leave after their appointment. These have been created specifically for different hair types, textures and colours and are there to compliment the work you have just completed. The retail area also provides another area of sales and when executed the right way, can significantly improve profits. It’s an add on that must be explained to clients in the correct manner.

But, just how much of each product should you stock in the salon? A tricky question. Using our stock control feature within iSalon, this allows you to view stock levels over a period of months, establish what sells quicker than others and makes it easier for you to manage. This way you can establish the correct amount to order in based on the period of time it takes to sell.

The stock control also alerts you when you are running low of a specific product, ensuring that you never run out. It also allows you to set up specific offers on products you are looking to sell that have perhaps not sold as well as you would have thought.

By having the stock control feature this makes for a much more efficient salon. With all numbers logged in the system and automatically deducted once purchased, it saves an incredible amount of time that can be invested in other areas of the business.

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