30 Jul 2020

Written by studio

2020 is set to be the year of personalisation. We have noticed a serious increase in the demand for bespoke items that may be embroidered with your initials or perhaps your birth stone. The new year and new decade will see this trend go even further as deeper personalisation will be expected from consumers.


In our industry, in salons you can personalise your services to each customer by offering them their favourite hot drink or remembering how they liked their hair to be styled from their previous appointment for example. At iSalon we believe it is also important to remind clients that you are thinking of them and tailoring what you do to suit them, even if they haven’t visited you in a while.


We understand this is time consuming and not always possible which is why we have tools set up to allow you to automate this process. With iSalon you can easily generate a personalised text message to your clients on or around the time of their birthday for example. Or you can set up a gentle reminder to clients that may not have visited the salon for a couple of months or so.


How do you currently personalise your services in the salon?