30 Jul 2020

Written by studio

A new year always encourages reflection and consideration of how we can achieve more and do better in the year to come, this is specifically heightened this time round as we are not only heading into a new year but also a new decade.

As a salon owner you are likely to have many goals and aspirations for the new year however to ensure these are achievable and realistic for you to work towards, we recommend setting deadlines alongside them. For example, your goal may be to increase client retention rates, in which case we would suggest writing this down in a journal as “our goal is to increase client retention rate by XX% by the end of quarter one in 2020.” Providing yourself a deadline to work towards and a tangible result will increase productivity and help you smash your goals. Research also shows that by physically writing your goals down it helps you to subconsciously visualise this and firmly cement it into your mind.

We have put together a comprehensive marketing planner for 2020 to help those within the hairdressing industry to easily map out all marketing and social activity for the year ahead at a glance. Try putting together a calendar plan month by month and slot in your goals to ensure they remain at the forefront of your mind until you have achieved them.


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