30 Jul 2020

Written by studio

Immersing yourself in your local community is one of the best ways to cement your business in the area and connect with those around you. Creating a hub of support and community with other local businesses can be lucrative in terms of introducing you to new clients and it opens you to new opportunities.

In our local area in Edinburgh we are currently facing disruptive roadworks due to the tram system the city is having fitted. The roadworks are just around the corner from our salon and it is a very real threat that clients may avoid our area during this prolonged period.

To combat this, I have created an initiative ‘stick to The Shore’ as we are based in the shore. We have reached out to a select number of local businesses to create a hub in which clients receive exclusive offers, discounts, last minute appointments etc. We will also be hosting an event in the salon with these local businesses to increase footfall in the salon and get to know new and potential clients in our area.

What do you do to immerse yourself in your local community?