30 Jul 2020

Written by studio

Our salon software is designed to make your life as a salon owner as easy and stress free as possible. Whether you are a small boutique salon or an established group, our services can be bespoke to your requirements.

As part of our continuing development strategy to ensure we remain at the forefront of salon software offerings in the UK, we are thrilled to unveil our latest version, 11.10. Following rigorous research and development, we gained an invaluable understanding of the needs and requirements from the industry and have created the latest development in salon management software to keep up with this.

The ‘pop-up booking’ add on now allows you to add a ‘book now’ section to the homepage of your website. iSalon clients will be able to provide their customers with the opportunity to book an appointment with them without leaving the landing page of their website. This innovative update will mean that customers have less work to do in order to access the book now tab and are more likely to make a booking with the salon.

Team members can now be set as self-employed with just the tick of a box on their record card. This breakdown for those self-employed team members will show up automatically on cash up, tax and commissions reports making it much more efficient for salon owners as it will save valuable time and resources.

There is a new improvement on client de-duplication by enabling ‘dedupe screen’ for global client users. When using global clients functionality, our software now gives the user the option to reuse an existing record card if it identifies a similar record in the group.

An improvement has also been made to the performance of marketing regular team members and “cash up” will show a breakdown of service and retail takings as well as the value of food and drink sold.

With the above improvements and new feature introductions, we remain confident in the knowledge that we are providing the very latest developments in salon management software across the UK.