30 Jul 2020

Written by studio


2020 is time for us as an industry to stand up and take action now, before it is too late and my #PerfectlySustainable mission is designed to encourage us as an industry to support each other in this mission, collaborate and share with one another. Becoming greener and vegan as a salon is non-negotiable if we are to ensure sustainability. The first step in this journey is to become more aware, think about the impact your day to day salon life has on our planet and make changes wherever possible.

At Perfectly Posh, I noticed the number of disposable plastic gloves we were using and discarding on a daily and weekly basis was frightening, and really damaging to our environment. I have since invested in bio-degrabable gloves which the team are really excited and passionate about.

I have also become very conscious of what we put down our sinks. As with all hair salons, we have a considerable amount of colour wastage that we unfortunately have to dispose of down our sinks. We are currently in discussion with a company called ‘Vish’ who work on reducing the cost of our colour wastage which will in turn stop us throwing so much down our drains and into our oceans.

This waste in salon also applies to the hair that we cut. Following a clients appointment we would sweep this up and put into our landfill bin which impacts our environment. As a result of this realisation I contacted the Green Salon Collective who are doing some great work and they will be able to collect our hair and make it into brooms and mats. This recycling process is tremendous and something we should all consider in our industry. This organisation will also collect all of our plastic, cardboard an chemical waste like left over colour, colour tubes and foils. We hope they will also collect and recycle organic waste eventually too. If we as an industry were to adopt this as common practice the positive impact would be immeasurable.

In addition, the furniture in our salon was sourced from reclaimed scaffolding boards, tree trunks and branches. Not only does this fit with our aesthetic, it is completely vegan and eco-friendly. Taking this sort of creative approach to all aspects of your salon will surpirse you in terms of where you can be greener and more eco-aware. I crafted the light in our backwash area from a branch I found and it is one of my favourite pieces in the salon, not to mention it is vegan and completely green!

Consider your product company too, it won’t be possible for you as a salon to become more vegan and green if your product house doesn’t offer something along those lines. Affiliating with Aveda sits well with our salon ethos and the variety of vegan products as well as recyclable packaging and ethically sourced ingredients they provide ensures we are much kinder to our planet and can cater to those vegan clients too.

What will you do in 2020 to be #PerfectlySustainable?