30 Jul 2020

Written by studio

We are sure that you have heard the shocking news of Supercuts hair salons going into administration which has put 1200 jobs at risk.

Whilst the shops are expected to trade as normal for the time being while they explore options for the business, this is devastating proof that running a hair salon with a well-known name is no longer enough. Salons must do more in order to survive.

This breaking news should make salon owners sit up and take notice, if this high street giant can suffer such a blow then we as an industry need to do more to stay ahead of the game.

Consider the client journey you provide, before they even step foot into the salon, what kind of experience have they had? Do you offer online booking that would have made their appointment booking an enjoyable experience? Is your website user friendly with clear information and price details?

When the client arrives at your salon, is the welcome they receive friendly and professional? Team members should greet each client by their first name and with a bubbly smile on their face. They should be guided through the salon journey with a friendly atmosphere and addressed by their name at all times.

When the client is paying for their services, is this process quick and efficient? Are you able to offer a paperless transaction? Do you have a loyalty card that you can offer clients to increase retention figures?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, iSalon software can help! Contact us via email to discuss how our services can ensure your business works for you.