30 Jul 2020

Written by studio

Do you as a salon currently collaborate with influencers in your local area? There is vast research into how this can have a positive impact on your salon in terms of boosting brand awareness and having a direct impact on bookings.

89% of marketeers say influencer marketing return on investment is as good or better than other marketing channels and 65% of marketeers plan to up their influencer marketing budgets in the coming year.

If you are looking to achieve brand awareness and direct response, this is something to consider. Influencers have curated a captive and engaged audience that identify with them and are eager to hear what they have to say. From a brand perspective, when working with an influencer that aligns with your brand identity, you have the ability to put yourself in front of a new audience that trust the communicator and are therefore likely to be influenced.

For hair and beauty salons, inviting influencers in to review your salon is one of the best ways to get your salon noticed. The influencer will receive a complimentary appointment and you will receive an authentic, complimentary review targeted at people in your area with an interest in the hair/beauty industry.

Influencer marketing works in a number of different ways and once you have built a relationship with a few key influencers in your area you will be able to work on a more collaborative basis to ensure the relationship mutually benefits both parties.

With iSalon, our ‘pop-up section’ available with Version 11.10 couldn’t make it easier for clients to book an appointment at your salon. If the influencer directs their followers to your website to book an appointment, you can have a pop-up box appear on your home page to allow them to simply book an appointment without leaving the landing page. Set up an exclusive code with influencers too so their followers will receive a discount off their first appointment and you will be able to track your ROI (return on investment).