What our clients say about us – Simon Hill

08 Dec 2020

Written by mike

“At SESH Hairdressing we have used iSalon software for sixteen years. The software works for us, it is user friendly and easily accessible for myself and the team.  

In 2020 following the awful pandemic I was finally convinced to sign up for iBookings and begin to use online booking. Of course this had been something we had considered for some time however it seemed daunting and slightly overwhelming. I wasn’t quite ready to give up control of our diary in the salon and allow clients to book themselves. Due to the prolonged closure of the salon earlier this year we decided it was time to take the plunge.  

With the majority of salon bookings being made out with salon opening hours we needed to ensure we were able to cater for these clients and accommodate them. I liaised with iSalon and the set up of iBookings was really easy and straightforward.  

Prior to offering online bookings, I would receive around twenty emails everyday from clients looking to book an appointment, this was on top of calls and messages via social media. Since introducing iBookings this has completely halted and clients can now easily book their appointment at a time that is convenient to them. The installation of online bookings has also alleviated pressure from our phone lines. Our front of house team now have more time to dedicate to other areas of the business and are able to cater to guests needs more attentively.  

I wish I had done it sooner and would encourage any other salon owners to go for it – you won’t look back! “

-Simon Hill, Owner of SESH Hairdressing