Your Software Checklist for Reopening!

24 Feb 2021

Written by mike

By now we all know that we need to keep our hands clean to prevent bugs, but did you know that your PC is under constant threat from nasty bugs too? Now more than ever, and with the hopeful impending end of lockdown in our grasp, how ready are you to hit the ground running when your back in the Salon? Because we want you to be as safe as you can be, we’ve done the leg work and thought you’d appreciate knowing what we know too! Keeping your computer up to date with latest releases will ensure your PC is running as quickly as it can, and will help stop those annoying freezing episodes that you might sometimes have, so why not use your downtime to get your tech up to date now! Come on, you know you want to.

Whilst you’re at it, take five minutes to check out our comprehensive checklist below and stay ahead of the game in time for reopening;

💥Check your licence – is this still valid? If you need to renew your licence please let us know as soon as possible, as it can take time to get through all the renewals.

💥 Turn on your computer – this seems silly, but updates may be required and you need to be confident everything works as it should.

💥Have you updated your software (and your hardware) – don’t miss out on the latest updates for a smoother running more efficient system.

💥Update your opening hours if they have changed. Make sure this is consistent across all websites and social media platforms.

💥Have you let your clients know about your booking process now? Let them know if they can book online or if you have certain times that your phone lines are open.

💥Are all your team up to date on how to use your software? Why not organise a training session using our videos on You Tube.

Click here to read the complete article from the government on why it is so important to keep your computer and other hardware as up to date as possible. As you know, we are tech geeks.

At iSalon we eat, sleep and breathe technology. We know it’s not for everyone but if you keep one thing in mind when it comes to your software running smoothly let it be this – you can only get the most of your iSalon software when it’s running on a computer that’s completely up to date itself. Where possible, enable automatic updates and let your computer do all the work for you. Your software will work perfectly when paired with an up-to-date computer.

Like you, we sincerely hope this is the last lockdown we have to come out of. Remember we are here to support you. You can chat to Ruby, our online chatbot at any time of the day or night and you can reach our support team on 01522 887200.