How iSalon can help you become more sustainable

01 Mar 2021

Written by mike

In 2021, it’s most definitely time for us as an industry to stand up and take action before it is too late. At iSalon our mission to become more sustainable comes from our passion for innovation along with defining new and better functions and systems.  It also comes from our passion and gratitude for our planet, which we all have a responsibility to protect. Becoming greener as an industry is non-negotiable if we are to ensure sustainability. The first step in our journey is to become more aware. The iSalon team considered changes we could make to become more sustainable and we started there. For salon owners like yourself, the key is to start now. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until you can make lots of changes at once, start with what you can change now and move forward one step at a time.  

Whether you run a large and small salon, there is no longer a need to have a paper appointment book. Not only is digital kinder to the planet and sustainable, it keeps all information neat and tidy and all in one place for more efficient working. In fact, client record cards, stock levels, reporting and so much more can be stored digitally within your salon software. No need for a huge paper trail! 

To help you to reduce your salons paper waste, we have introduced a few different features and functionalities to allow you to be greener. You may have noticed most recently the addition of email receipts. This allows you to completely eliminate paper receipts. Your clients tend to put these straight into a rubbish bin anyway, so ensuring that you have the option to eliminate this paper trail was a must for us.  

We’re sure you have noticed that recently the impact of plastic has been under the microscope. At iSalon we believe that the ‘every little helps’ attitude is required to make progress with thisYou can now issue online gift cards for your customers. These can now be purchased straight from your website and linked to your software to remove that plastic from your salon floor. You can email this directly to the recipient and avoid the need to physically stock plastic and to post it out to the person.  QR codes can be used to download the gift card or use it at the salon. 

We understand that hairdressing salons in particular face many challenges when it comes to being more sustainable and colour waste is one of the main obstacles to overcome. As a result, we are looking into integrating Vish with our software. They are a company who work with you to calculate the exact amount of colour required for each client and the system helps you to reduce the amount of colour you have to dispose of down the sink, ensuring the salon is being more sustainable and cost effective.  

Of course, as an industry we have a long way to go in terms of becoming completely sustainable. At iSalon we are continually working on this to ensure we are doing our bit. Are you?