SMS marketing and why your salon needs it!

16 Mar 2021

Written by mike

Is your appointment book fuller than a belly at an all you can eat buffet? No, then let us help you with that!

Think back to the last time you emerged from lockdown and how busy you were? It’s going to be exactly the same this time around. Just like your customers we know how amaziiiiiing you are and how your customers need their little fix of you, so let’s use this time to reach out and fill your slots 😉. 

Fun fact: Did you know the average read rate for emails are between 15 & 25% compared to the read rate of a text message which is 99% with 97% of these being read with 5 minutes of being received?

Using the power of SMS marketing you are never more than a click away from your customers. Let us help you use the limited time you have left before reopening to get in touch with your customers super fast!

Your clients WANT to visit the salon as soon as they can, make sure it is your salon that they come to. If you would like help with setting up SMS marketing or using our online booking system to make your life a whole lot easier just let us know.

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