Introducing iSalon Version 12.2

30 Apr 2021

Written by mike

The pandemic has hit our industry hard, with salon owners like yourself having to reevaluate your business.  iSalon understand you are looking for something different from your software in this new world we find ourselves in. You told us what you needed and we listened. That’s where iSalon Version 12.2 comes from. We have taken on board your comments and made changes, tweaks, fixes and improvements to make sure we deliver the software you want.

Our aim is to make your lives as salon owners run as smoothly as possible. That’s why we have made the following improvements to features you will already be familiar with in your iSalon software.

     We have improved the voucher payment grid at the point of taking payment. Now when you enter a voucher number and hit tab it will show the default amount left to pay for the customer. Furthermore, when completing a bill, the rebooking reminder will show the services that the customer received to make rebooking super easy.

     We have made it mandatory for client’s birth year to be put in when inputting their details.

     We have amended the pay by account feature to only allow clients to pay on their account up to the value of their in-credit account to help with payments.

     ‘PayByLink’ bills will only be valid for 30 minutes now and then removed if left unpaid. A paper receipt will no longer be issued with this either, only an email copy to help you be more sustainable.

     The previous feature ‘Do Not Book After’ is now called ‘End Date’. If you try to book an appointment for a team member after their end date a warning will pop up to alert you.

     Lastly you can now enter multiple dates that the salon will be closed in one go and this will automatically update your online booking diary.

Let us know what you think of our brand-new updates and features. We can’t wait to hear your feedback and rest assured we are already working on even more improvements and introductions continually.