iSalon Inspires – Business

11 Oct 2021

Written by mike

As a business coach I work with a lot of salons and freelance stylists who have to wear many hats in their business, but who’s main issue is a lack of time. The busier the stylist gets, the harder it is to carve out the time they need to do the work involved in growing their business by working on it, not just in it. This time is essential for them to run a successful business. 

One of my roles is to help my clients get from where they are to where they want to be. This may be earning more, attracting new clients, establishing a brand or simply allowing them time off in the week. 

Automating some of the systems and processes involved in running the business is an easy way to get back much needed time and allow them to start to manage their tasks in a more time efficient way. 

In most cases, I encourage my clients to elevate their customers’ salon journey and provide more professional service – this nurtures the relationship with their own clients, creating a more professional experience as well as helping them to retain past clients and attract new ones. There are many ways to do this but one of the simplest is the booking system. 

While we can create boundaries of how and when we respond to clients, we still need to carve out time to do it effectively without error, which can cause so much stress to stylists especially with so many changes to bookings during Covid.  In fact, contacting clients and arranging appointments was many stylists’ biggest headache during this time. 

Running a business successfully is about looking at it from above and seeing where your weak spots are, what takes up too much time, what can be elevated, delegated or simplified? 

I would always recommend my clients use a booking system such as iSalon to help them elevate their service experience, reduce admin time and simplify their accounts, if you are feeling time poor this is a great place to start!