iSalon Inspires – Sustainability with Denman

08 Mar 2022

Written by mike

Denman is serious about sustainability

How you spend your money matters, so choose brands for your salon that support the environment and the circular economy. Global brand Denman has made huge strides in their sustainability efforts in the last five years, International Business Manager Martyn Wady says “Once a company takes the time to scrutinise their business through the lens of sustainability the opportunities for step change reveal themselves. Denman has found incredible partners for purchasing recycled raw materials and packaging and they are now an intrinsic part of our efforts. Our staff are all focused on seeing the ways in which they can reduce waste and energy consumption, reuse materials and recycle. Once you get started it’s a brilliant shift of culture!”

Denman took a long hard look at their business and engaged all of their staff to really scrutinise every element of their supply and manufacturing chain. Every small action towards a more sustainable business adds up and Denman knows that their sustainability journey will never end. Here are the top five tangible actions that the brand has taken since that journey began.

· Removed all single use plastics from packaging and our packaging is 100% sustainable and recyclable. The amount of packaging has also been reduced.

· The Iconic D3 Brush range is 100% recyclable.

· Offers replacement pin pads for the Iconic Range to lengthen the life of the brush.

· Currently recycling used PPE waste into brushes and combs.

· All plastic waste in the manufacturing process is ground and recycled.

Taking the time to really think about how your salon business might help reduce, reuse, recycle has other benefits too. The business will enjoy an improved mindset on innovation and accountability, can demonstrates a commitment to caring for the global community and can share that message with customers to achieve an improved reputation.

Denman’s biggest tip on moving to a sustainable business future? Just THINK harder about the choices you make on consuming resources. iSalon Software have teamed up with Denman to bring you this article to help spread the word on how to be greener. Both Denman and iSalon are working tirelessly on their sustainable strategies. iSalon offer paperless receipts, online gift vouchers, the ability to integrate a ‘green fee’ easily via Green Salon Collective and tree planting for every subscription sign up to name a few.

As a salon it’s your responsibility to be conscious who you align your brand with! Find out more at