Salon spring cleaning

23 Feb 2012

Written by Alice Smithson

The bleak British winter is over and spring is here! So if you feel the urge to dust the picture rails and clean behind the fridge, we hope you can also find some time to spring clean your salon management system.

What do we mean?

Well, when did you last remove obsolete products and services, for example? It may sound boring, but aside from deleting the stuff you no longer need in the system, there are many extra benefits to be had by following our spring cleaning recommendations, including;

´ Selling more profitable products
´ Simplifying your services to make more money
´ Saving money on marketing

A healthier salon management system means a healthier business and better profit margins. Read on to find out howƒ

Selling more profitable products

Deleting the products you no longer sell is also an excellent opportunity to re-consider the range of services you offer, and whether you could make any changes to improve profit margins. Check your i-salon reports to monitor which products are selling well and which aren’t.

The dead stock report shows those products which haven’t sold well and those which have, within a specified time period. Knowing which products are collecting dust allows you to run a promotion to try to shift the dead stock, then remove them from your database once you have replaced them with more popular products.

Download our guide to archiving dead stock in i-salon

Simplifying your services to make more money

The same applies to servicesƒ Now is as good a time as any to remove the services you no longer sell and to think about whether you could make any changes to your list of professional services to boost profits.

Consider the costs and resources involved in delivering each service, and you may find that some more technical services cost more to deliver and yet aren’t very popular. So, these services may not be as profitable as a simple cut and style, for example.

Would you be better off offering fewer, more profitable, services, rather than allowing large chunks of time to be booked out to complete lower-margin appointments.

Download our guide to archiving the services you no longer wish to sell

Saving money on marketing

Spring cleaning your client database, removing any clients who haven’t visited for a long time and who aren’t likely to return, will make your marketing campaigns far more effective _ both in terms of cost and results.

Send the lost clients a promotion first, to be sure that you’re not archiving any that may return to you, then file the rest away in the depths of i-salon’s memory, so they’re out of your record cards and excluded from future marketing searches.

Download our guide to archiving selected clients

Good luck with your spring clean! For help, please contact our Support Team on 01522 887200.