Online booking for salons

20 Mar 2012

Written by Alice Smithson

Online booking isn’t new, but the popularity of the service with both salons and their clients has grown rapidly in the last couple of years, with more people than ever before wanting to book online.

40% of appointments are made out of hours via our online booking system, which last year amounted to more than 130,000 bookings.

Are you missing out?

If you don’t yet offer the facility for your clients to book online, now is a great time to explore the possibility. If you’d like to know more, we would invite you to speak to one of our team who can explain in more detail how online booking can become part of your salon ethos.

How does online booking work?

Many salon software providers offer an online booking facility. In the case of i-salon software, this takes the form of an optional module called i-Bookings, which is hosted online and captures bookings your clients make on your website, sending the information via the internet, straight to your salon computer.

Here’s what our demo online booking site looks like. Our logo and purple brand colour has been applied here, but each salon’s online booking web page is branded with their unique logo and colours.

Your available appointments are kept up-to-date in your salon appointment diary and on your website, so you won’t run the risk of double-booking any appointment slots.

And now, on Facebook

You don’t even need a website to offer online bookings for your salon or spa. We create a branded web page for you, incorporating your salon logo and colours, and you can link to your exclusive online booking page either from your website or from Facebook.

What about security?

A common misconception around online booking is that your appointment book will be visible online. This isn’t the case with i-Bookings. You decide which services and team members’ appointments to make available online, then clients can search them to find available slots.

They can’t see any of the other appointments which are already in your salon appointment system, and if you choose not to offer certain types of service through online booking, you can simply add a note to your web page which states that clients should call the salon directly to book their appointment if they require these types of services.

The future of salon bookings

It’s no surprise that online appointment booking in salons and spas is becoming more popular. We now complete so much of our daily lives tasks online; supermarket shopping, banking and clothes shopping to name but a few that any business which isn’t selling its products and services online will face a real disadvantage against the competition.

Get started _ free online booking software trial

We are encouraging all our salon and spa customers to try online booking for a period of six weeks, completely free of charge. Our free trial is open to all i-salon users and there’s absolutely no obligation to purchase the system after the trial period.

To any salon or spa considering offering online booking to clients, our advice is to go for it. You’ll love the freedom it gives you and the peace of mind that you’ll never have to miss out on another missed booking again.

Contact us for more information about i-Bookings for i-salon software and our free six week trial offer.

Free trial offer valid until 31st December 2012.