PHAB – Setting the Standard in Customer Care

26 Mar 2012

Written by Alice Smithson

Nergish Wadia-Austin is Founder and Chief Executive of the PHAB standard organisation.

Although the younger generation are electronically smarter and able to communicate via gadgets far more effectively than older generations, their attitude toward delivering great customer care will depend a great deal upon their current employer, prior work experience and their up-bringing.

Why we need a greater focus on customer care

In the past, ïold fashioned’ manners used to be taught in schools and at home. Times have moved on and more and more school lessons are now devoted to IT, social networking & web design. Parents have far too much on their plate today and because of this, something had to give and I believe, it was time spent teaching manners.

Whereas IT, social networking and web design are all essential in order to attract the customer to our businesses today, when they finally arrive at your salons your teams should be able to make them feel welcomed and wanted. This is just one of the reasons that gave birth to PHAB Standard in December 2010.

PHAB (pronounced ïfab’, stands for performance in hair and beauty) is aimed at promoting excellence in customer service, retention and sales within the hair and beauty industry.

Measuring performance

Every industry needs a benchmarking system to recognise outstanding quality. Restaurants have Michelin Stars and musicians have the Grammys. I believe the hair and beauty industry deserves the same.

PHAB Standard rewards industry professionals who present excellent customer testimonials, who can demonstrate high levels of repeat business and retail sales, both of which are backed by their manufacturers. It is here that I can’t emphasise enough the importance of using your computer management reporting systems effectively. PHAB asks for evidence in order to verify your success and these figures are found on these systems.

i-salon software measures the key performance indicators required to attain a PHAB standard award. Contact us to explore i-salon and find out how you could become a PHAB salon.

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