Spa sales on the rise while salon figures face year-on-year drop

08 Aug 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

The latest Confederation of British Industry Distributive Trade Survey figures have been released, revealing that high street retail sales have exhibited monthly year-on-year improvements for the first time in five months. How has different salon management software contributed to these changes?

Interestingly, the monetary sales figures have increased despite an overall decrease in the volume of sales, suggesting that those who are spending are looking to lavish more money on luxury goods and quality products. This could be attributed to smarter marketing and customer targeting.

The spa industry has been a particular beneficiary of the rise in sales figures, with 57% of UK spas questioned reporting an uptick in sales compared with this time last year. UK salons aren’t doing quite so well, unfortunately – 40% of nail salons and 29% of beauty salons have actually reported reduced sales figures compared with those experienced in July 2012.

As the UK still faces such a competitive market, accurate salon management and aggressive marketing could help UK spas and salons improve those figures.

We may be on track for economic recovery, but people are still understandably reluctant to part with their money. It’s important to minimise no-shows and showcase your latest products and offers with the use of effective salon marketing if you want to keep pulling people through the doors.