How to: ensure your salon clients keep coming back

27 Sep 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

We previously wrote an article examining the benefits that both repeat customers and new customers bring to your salon, only to discover that, while it would be ideal to be able to spread your time evenly so you can focus on attracting both, repeat customers are often the ones worth trying to hold on to. They will not only continue to visit you on average 16 times every two years, but they will, on occasion, vary their treatments and are more likely to agree to pay more should you need to increase your prices. You can also rely on them to spread the word about your salon, gaining you new business exposure through word of mouth marketing. So, how do you go about ensuring your clients keep coming back for more, and how can you make your task simpler by using management or marketing software for salons and spas?

Promote the salon experience

The salon experience should be one that is enjoyed and thought of as a treat. Most of your clients come to the salon not only to get their hair styled or their nails painted, but to relax, unwind and benefit from a bit of ïme’ time. Make sure your clients know that that is the sort of treatment they will receive when they come to your salon. It’s the little extras, such as a head massage when washing their hair, that make the world of difference, and needn’t cost much either. Use your text marketing tools to contact your clients inviting them to visit for a luxurious experience.

Pay attention during a consultation

Whenever a new client comes to your salon, you’ll probably offer them a consultation so you can become familiar with their style and get an idea of what sort of look they would like to achieve. This is the perfect time to really get to know your clients. Everything you learn about them should be noted, so that they never need tell your what they are after again. Impress them by offering them something you know they want before they’ve even had to ask for it. Use your salon management software to check when their last visit was and send them a text when they are likely to be due another appointment. Engaging them in conversation will enable you to personalise your texts or emails in the future.

Encourage a future appointment

As your client is leaving with their fabulous new ïdo, you should always encourage them to make their next booking then and there. Emphasise the importance of making their booking in advance so as to avoid disappointment, but consider your wording. Rather than asking them if they would like to rebook, insist that you will need to see them in X amount of time to ensure their treatment is kept looking up-to-date and fresh. It is probably true, after all!

Offer them a good deal & reward their loyalty

By making your client an offer they can’t refuse, such as a good deal on a hair treatment or massage, you’ll not only increase the chances of them returning but will probably encourage them to tell their friends, too. If the offer becomes popular among your clients and they decide to take you up on it, you might feel as though you are losing out, but in reality the offer will be cost-effective in the long-run as your clients are more likely to return after receiving such good service. Of course, for clients that do keep coming back, make sure they know you appreciate their business and reward them with occasional treats, such as vouchers or a free blow dry.

Running an efficient, well-managed salon and staff is key to maintaining a good reputation and encourage your clients to return. To ensure you are managing your salon to the best of your ability, you should ensure that you have salon management software that is able to support you in your day-to-day tasks, so that you can focus your attention on the clients. You can find out more about the benefits salon management software can offer you and your business by visiting our website, or getting in touch with a member of the team at i-Salon Software today.