Five ways salon management software can help to boost your profits

02 Dec 2013

Written by Alice Smithson

A software solution that enables you to run a more efficient and organised salon with ease, as well as allowing you to manage and monitor your salon remotely, is bound to have a positive effect on your profits. It comes as no surprise, then, that customers of i-Salon Software can make an extra £30,000 through the use of salon management software. Alongside our software modules, we offer webinars, training, fantastic customer support and a wealth of advice to both new and experienced salon owners. Wondering how you might be able to increase your salon profits by thousands? Here are five ways i-Salon Software can help to boost your takings in future…

Tackling no-shows

No-shows are a problem every salon owner has to deal with. Clearing time in your schedule to fit in a client and preparing for their treatment only to have them fail to show up is as much a waste of money as it is a waste of time. With i-Salon Software, you can send your customers texts to remind them of their appointments so that they have no excuse for being forgetful! In fact, appointment reminder text messages could cut your no-show appointments by 80 per cent, enabling you to make thousands of pounds every year through recovered bookings.

Encouraging extra bookings

If each of your clients made just one extra booking a year then your salon profits could increase dramatically _ you’ll just need to work out how you can fit them in! With i-Salon Software, you could use special appointment booking functions to better organise your schedule and reduce the time between each appointment. Are you allowing your staff fifteen minutes between each client? Sometimes these fifteen minutes aren’t always necessary and at the end of the day can add up to hours spent doing nothing. Your staff could be wasting time better spent seeing another client!

Enabling smarter marketing

If you’re constantly trying to improve business by offering discounts and lowering your prices, you won’t end up making much of a profit. Instead, regular communication via email or phone will turn occasional clients into loyal, valued customers, increasing their number of visits and their average spend. You can use your salon software to create marketing messages you can be sure will reach your clients, implementing promotions that don’t damage your bottom line.

Increasing product sales

Offering your customers products that they can take home with them at the end of their appointment is a great way to increase profits, but will also help you to create more loyal clients too. If you can recommend a product for each client that you know they will benefit from, they will come to rely on your expertise and will return more frequently in future. Your salon management software can help you and your staff to keep a record of each client, so that whichever employee serves them they need only look on the computer to be reminded which retail product to recommend, adding to the salon takings.

Better managing diary time

While reducing idle time between each booking could help you to fit more appointments into your day, there are other things your salon software might highlight that could also enable you to find time to accommodate more clients. By using your software to keep an organised diary, you will be able to observe which of your employees might be taking longer than they need to with each client as well as finding other gaps _ perhaps at the beginning or end of the day_ where time might be wasted or your clients would appreciate more appointment slots. Your software should help you to run a well organised and tight ship!

Unlike some software companies, we’re not interested in simply making a sale and leaving the software with you; instead, we’re keen to make sure you use your salon management software to its full potential and benefit from all it has to offer. That’s why you can find all of the points we have discussed in detail within our online webinar. For more information on what i-Salon Software can offer you and your business, explore our website, or contact a member of the team today.