Salon management tips: how and why you should implement a salon loyalty scheme

16 Dec 2013

Written by Alice Smithson


i-Salon salon management software makes it quick and easy to identify your most loyal customers. With this newfound knowledge, why not reward repeat customers by implementing a loyalty scheme? Loyalty schemes can take many forms, but they all have one thing in common: they encourage customers to return to your salon and provide you with reliable, regular income. After the initial set-up cost, loyalty schemes can provide a great return-on-investment for your salon at the same time as encouraging your customers and making them feel valued. Here’s a quick run-down of what you need to know about introducing different loyalty schemes in futureƒ

Loyalty cards

Most of us use loyalty cards in our day-to-day lives. The concept is straightforward: with every purchase you accumulate points. You can then spend these points on future purchases. In this way, customers essentially gain, for example, two pence for every £1 they spend. Salons can also consider this idea _ your customers will be encouraged to return and spend their points, enabling you to build up a dependable customer base with relative ease. Should the customer fail to return, you will not have lost any money anyway because their points haven’t been redeemed. As such, loyalty cards are a win-win situation for salon managers.

Salon loyalty cards could also take the form of a system where every, say, eight treatments, the customer receives the next treatment for free. It’s vital to ensure that your customers are aware of these schemes, however, or else it won’t encourage them to visit at all. Perhaps make use of text marketing so that you don’t fall into this trap, or else consider reminding customers to present their loyalty cards and remind them of the offer when they reach the till.

Recommend-a-friend schemes

Another great way of improving customer loyalty is to give your clients incentives to introduce their friends to your salon. Offer discounts or other deals to both the current customer and their friend _while your revenue will be reduced in the short run, you’ll benefit from a much larger customer base in future. Make sure you’re able to accommodate the extra customers that you’re likely to attain by implementing this scheme, howeverƒ

Loyalty tiers

You can use salon management software to discern the loyalty of your customers with ease. Several loyalty tiers _ dependent on the frequency of visits or total / average spend per month _ may motivate your customers to pay for further treatments in order to qualify for the next level of perks or deals.

Why not reward your most loyal customers with the first chance to try out new treatments? You might also wish to consider giving these customers free trials of treatments that they might not have tried previously. Both these approaches could lead to further revenue in the long run.

Does one of these loyalty scheme ideas pique your interest? If you want to efficiently keep track of your customers’ spending habits at your salon, i-Salon Software _ the UK’s leading provider of salon booking software _ can help. If you’re interested, contact us to arrange a personal software demonstration.