Salons enjoy post festival boost to business

18 Jul 2014

Written by Alice Smithson

Summer is a period that few salon managers look forward to. Dealing with staff holidays is challenging for any business, but salons and spas must also cope with their regular clients spending weeks away from home _ and their local salon. 

A weekend of sun, mud and excessive alcohol consumption takes it toll on all of us _ particularly our skin and hair. Instead of visiting the salon for their normal haircut, many clients are splashing out on expensive intensive conditioning treatments and facials.

Salon managers may wish to make the most of the demand for post-festival makeovers by sending out marketing emails and texts to clients who have been on holiday and had to push back their regular appointments. These messages could easily persuade clients to spend a little more than usual at your salon or spa _ and, if they like the treatments you offer them, they might ask for a repeat in the future.

There’s still plenty of the festival season left to come, so it’s not too late to switch your marketing focus to take advantage of this demand. At least two months of summer remain, and with the school holidays yet to begin the difficult conditions for salons will continue. By making use of appointment booking and salon management software, salon managers can identify areas where savings can be made and extra revenue obtained. Give us a call to find out more.